So when does Cassandra announce she’s left

So Pandora has left DL as well as Del Dem has and maybe permanently El Som unless the path has been made for him to come back given the Hillary faction of DL appears to be departing.

Given the way other folks have left DL I can see why she folded in her leaving DL with other events in her life.  It was a very touching post that also found a way to weave her leaving DL and the cathartic experience she had not blogging for six weeks.  The two (leaving and her dad) don’t really have nothing to do with each other, but it’s hard even for me to flame away on her that it’s a cheap exit and pretty sad when you mention your dad passing away and your mother taken ill, then throw in there, Oh and Hey, guess what???

I decided I’d leave DL and go to a blog with Del Dem and Cassandra.

I traveled to to see who the contributors are, and low and behold it’s her gal pal Cassandra.  So what gives?  When is Catwoman going to announce her departure with Wonder Woman?


I’m just waiting to see how Cassandra leaves DL now



  1. I’m wondering if they will switch party registrations to Republican when Obomba does as a condition of his employment as a board director of some Fortune 500 corp.

    I suppose it depends on whether there is still a D-party when that transpires.

    I was not aware you had this blog going until jason mentioned it lately on DL.

    Anyhoo, looks like you got some interesting stuff here.



  2. I’m sure it’s not a brilliant move on my part to do this blog, but it’s going to be a long 4 or 8 years and I’m going to need an outlet that’s for sure

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