The Knights Templar are real?

Ok, so color me stupid.  I honestly didn’t know this was a real thing.

The Knights Templar were a Catholic military order that was active just under 1,000 years ago. With their white mantles and red crosses, they quickly became notorious for their wealth, power, and abilities in combat during the Crusades. Today, they’re a source of fascination for archaeologists, novelists, and scriptwriters in equal measure, and any new discovery is pounced upon by anyone with a mote of curiosity in their storied history.

So a few years ago, they found some cavern in a guys farm.  How cool is that!

A few years back, a man-made cavern was discovered hiding beneath a farmer’s field in Shropshire, England. Initially, the only way into the concealed chamber was through a tiny rabbit hole, and, after some careful excavation, explorers found that they were standing in a previously unseen temple used by the Knights themselves.


I figured it was some Dale Brown Opus Die (sp?) type stuff and Tom Hanks was on another hair brained mission to prove the triangle Jesus was pointing to in the last supper was his Mary Magdalen’s twat.


Religion man, it bring’s out the crazies.



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