Why is Delaware Spending $30m on KidsPeace? A Private out of state Charity

You know I’m just thumbing through Delaware’s Open Data and numbers are jumping out to me.  Especially Programs that have no locations in Delaware.  I’m sure KidsPeace is a great program, but $30,000,000 for an out of state program seems like something ripe for review.

Hey Carney, maybe you could cut this?  And create some jobs in Delaware by finding a program right here in our state?


KidsPeace is a private charity dedicated to serving the behavioral and mental health needs of children, families and communities. 
Founded in 1882, KidsPeace provides a unique psychiatric hospital; a comprehensive range of residential treatment programs; accredited educational services; and a variety of foster care and community-based treatment programs to help people in need overcome challenges and transform their lives. KidsPeace provides emotional and physical health care and educational services in an atmosphere of teamwork, compassion and creativity. 

KidsPeace offers services in Georgia, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. KidsPeace is accredited by The Joint Commission in Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. KidsPeace does not discriminate in regard to admissions in terms of sex, race, creed, color, national origin, LEP (Limited English Proficiency), religious beliefs, disabilities or handicapping conditions. KidsPeace is a Drug-Free Workplace. We respect our clients’ privacy. The models represented in this Web site are for illustrative purposes only and in no way represent or endorse KidsPeace.



One comment

  1. For $30 million / year, it seems to me that the state could build and staff it’s own facility.

    And unlike AZ, BloomEnergy and Tesla there’s a reliable customer base and no pie-in-the-sky technology to hope and pray will pan out.


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