Did a Domestic Terrorist kill a Delaware State Trooper

By now, every body in the region knows that a Delaware State Trooper was murdered at a Wawa in Middletown Delaware.  

But what people don’t is that it looks like the father told some law enforcement the day before Sealy to the life of a state trooper.  He either contacted State or County police out of concern for peoples safety due to his son’s extreme behavior.  The father had taken his own measures to kick Sealy out of his house the day before which could explain why the news reports he was at his “parents” house.  He probably hadn’t moved all his gear out or his guns and ammo.


Allegedly Burgon Sealy was wanting to take out more people, but as we already know didn’t.  It seems that the officer was responding to a call from Wawa about Burgon who had been sitting in his car at the Wawa for several hours.   Perhaps he had been waiting and thinking about what he wanted to do, also maybe because his father had kicked him out he had no where to really go.

Lastly another piece or two of info that could explain why it took so long for police to force the killer out of the house was that it seems that the reason the gas they lobbed into the home didn’t work is because Sealy had some sort of ventilation mask.  Also part of the reason the officers didn’t storm the house sooner was because Sealy had armor piercing bullets.

So the question is to what “extremes” was Sealy going to to have his father call the police and kick his son out?



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