I still hate the President

What’s left to say?

What can I say that has not been said?

The president and his party are the heaped pile of shit left on the riverbank of the Ganges from a squatting man adorned in dusty, shit covered sandals.

They are the rim of juice left on the hole of a worn and well ridden prostitute on her last gasps of life

They are the festering fetid splotches of picked scabs being consumed by flies on the body of an overdosed heroin addict

Collectively I hate them.  I hate who they are.  I hate who they represent and what they are doing to this country. I hate the god they hide behind.  I nearly hate their god as much as I hate them.

Their craven cowardice is only eclipsed by their arrogant bravado.  I want to punch their smug fucking faces like Tyler Durden atop Pretty Boy

Fuck you and fuck you and fuck you again


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